Rubber Gloves




Julia & Ryan are the managers and chef for Porters Lodge at the Porters Ski Area. 

The Lodge is still closed for accommodation and eat in however we are providing contactless click & collect and contactless delivery of some of the favourite menu items - plus a couple of new dishes! 



  1. Our private road is still closed to the general public however people with contactless click and collect orders can come down the road for the sole purpose of collecting orders

  2. Please close the gate on the road after you enter and leave

  3. You can only come down our road for the purpose of collecting food, under level 3 rules you cannot

    1. Use our mountain biking trails as it it closed ​

    2. Go hiking on our property

    3. Use our private road to access adjoining properties without permission from both the land owners and ourselves

    4. Park on our road for any reason

  4. Please call us on 03 318-4011 before entering the property so we can have your order outside before you get to the lodge, there is no cell phone reception after the quarry on any mobile networks

  5. When you arrive drive up to the lodge, you will find your order on our green box by the door. 



  1. We will deliver all orders with a fresh pair of disposable gloves per order.

  2. We have a delivery window and cannot guarantee an exact delivery time due to the size of the region we're delivering in. 

  3. Your order will be left at either your doorstep or gate, we will then call the number you provide to let you know it is there. If there is no answer we will send you a text message.

    1. We will wait for a few minutes to make sure it is collected by the correct person​

    2. If it is not collected we will contact you again by phone.

    3. If it is still not collected we will take a photo of the delivered package and leave it there, we will then send you a photo of the order by email once we return to the office

  4. We cannot take responsibility for packages once delivered as per our above policy. 


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